Teachers and parents toolbox

A great resource to help your children or students work through their decision-making process.

This tool is an interactive activity that can be undertaken in the classroom, or just discussed and given to young people. It asks them to consider what their main values are and then weigh up how a series of scenarios sit against their identified values. A great way to help young people get started in thinking about their decisions from a more clear and informed perspective!

The below resource is a series of scenarios you can use as a basis for the above values slider activity. They challenge young people to weight up social activity and peer pressure against what they think is right.

A fun activity for the classroom, or at home, this old-fashioned chatterbox will gives young people good advice when it comes to decision-making. Ask students to cut out and create the chatterbox, and try out some of the values slider scenarios to text it out.

Teaching young people about drugs and decision-making in a way that is engaging and interesting can be a challenge. Likewise, managing those who are using can be tough. Use this forum to share resources, ideas and experiences.

A large portion of the calls we receive at our Cannabis Helpline come from parents who are worried their kids will use cannabis, or are worried because their kids are already using cannabis. While our Helpline counselors are amazing listeners and great with advice, sometimes it also helps to get the perspective of other parents who have been in the same or a similar situation. Use this form to share experiences, stories and advice.

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