Resources for HR and OHS

Sample scripts for communicating with employees

While knowing what behaviors to look out for in order to identify potential drug use at work may be simple, knowing how to actually approach the employee can be much more difficult. These sample scripts provide some basic insights for managers into how to address possible drug use by an employee while being non-judgmental, supportive and looking out for the employee, organisation and other employees.

See the scripts here.

Drug policy guidelines and factsheets

Developing a workplace illicit drug policy

NCPIC has worked with industry experts to develop a simple guideline document for developing an illicit drug policy for your workplace. The document includes the key steps, in addition to tips on how to communicate with and educate employees and questions to consider when contemplating if testing is an appropriate course of action in your workplace.

Employer factsheets

If you're looking for some light reading that will help you better grasp the detrimental effect that drugs can have on workplace productivity and on injury and absentee rates, our factsheets are a great place to start. These documents provide a brief overview of business issues relating to employee drug use and help ensure the issue is top-of-mind for HR and OHS managers.


Infographics are a great way to share information - NCPIC has developed two infographics about drugs at work that will help you communicate the seriousness of this issue with managers and employees.

Drug use, business and the economy (coming soon)

This infographic takes a more high level perspective on the drugs at work issue, identifying the effects of drug use by employees on businesses and the wider economy. A good tool for HR and OHS or leadership upskilling sessions.

The wheel of weed

This is a great tool for informing employees about the effects of drug use at work in a relevant, tongue-in-cheek style. The wheel looks at eight skillsets that may be affected if an employee is under the influence of drugs like cannabis.

Induction kit

Educating employees about the effects of drug use before or during work - or even at home - is an important way of creating a drug-free workplace culture. Education starts at induction, and shouldn't stop there - it should be a continuous conversation, regularly reinforced throughout the life-cycle of each employee. To get you started, NCPIC has developed the following tools for use in induction or further education.

For help or advice with supporting an employee, friend or family member who has a problem with cannabis, call the Cannabis Helpline on 1800 30 40 50.