Overcoming boredom

Weed can become a big part of your routine, and quitting can mean you have a lot more spare time than you did before. Boredom can quickly take over these gaps in your schedule and leave you craving and desperately wanting a smoke!

Are you feeling bored?

So you ve quit weed and taken the first step towards a normal life your goal being the kind of life where you can take satisfaction in the things that seem to make other people happy, things that don t involve weed or being high. You want to wake up in the morning after a good night s sleep and think about something other than weed, smoking it, getting it, living it. You want to feel in touch with the sober world again, maybe to feel more like you felt when you were a kid you could enjoy normal stuff back then, you felt whole and content without the need for herbal assistance !

But what are you going to do to fill the gap that quitting weed has opened up in your life? How on earth are you going to find something that s right for you and something that will keep you clean and move you nearer to your goal?

It s difficult to think of other things to do when you re life has been so taken up with all things cannabis, but one way is to take a look back and try to remember things that you used to love doing as a child, before you left school these are things that you may be able to re-visit and enjoy again. Perhaps things that just dropped out of your life due to cannabis are the path to really making the most of life again!

In this section we have some ideas of activities and hobbies you might look at, ways to keep busy and of course, simple tips to beat boredom.

Hints for beating boredom

Our resources on beating boredom are growing all the time, so check back regularly. To get started, try some of these: