Strategy for overcoming boredom

Having a strategy in place to distract yourself from the inevitable cravings is a really important part of staying on track.

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Make a list

It might sound obvious, but we all have jobs we keep putting off that we never get around to doing. Make a list of the things that need doing it could be an errand you need to run or a job around the house, or even meeting up with a friend you haven t seen in a long time. Have you been putting off going to the bank? What about that pile of old magazines that needs sorting? Write down a list of these jobs that need doing, and keep it nearby. When you notice yourself feeling bored or restless, start chipping away at the list. Not only will you have filled your time until the cravings pass, but you will also have achieved something while you do it.

Find a refuge

The more you focus on your boredom, the worse it will get. The best way to deal with these feelings is to have a special place you know you can retreat to, a place of escape away from normal activities. This might be a cinema, a caf or a sporting club. If you love cooking and food, it could be the kitchen. Do you love gaming? Create a private sanctuary where you can do whatever it is you like uninterrupted.

Do what you love

Think about what you love doing (that doesn t involve weed!!). Is it playing sport? Is it catching up with friends? Do you like trying new foods or camping? Maybe you love listening to music or going to the movies. You don t need to do the activity itself necessarily; sometimes even planning the activity can be distraction enough. Brainstorm a list of things you know you love to do outside of using drugs and refer to it whenever you feel boredom creeping on (use our list of Ideas to help fight boredom as a place to start). Volunteering can be a great way to do something constructive with otherwise wasted time, and it s also a great distraction. Be careful not to replace an activity like smoking with another potentially damaging one, like drinking.

Plan ahead

Make a schedule for your day. If you know you are going to feel bored at certain points in the day (like when you used to smoke), plan an activity for that part of the day. If you have a full schedule for the day, there is less opportunity to feel bored.