How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Have you ever wondered how long weed can stay in your system? Is it true that weed can stay in your system for up to six months?

The short answer is, there is actually no one good answer weed affects everyone differently, so the length of time it stays in your system is also different. Weed is an illegal drug in Australia, and may cost you your job if its in your system, or more if you re caught with it in your possession. This weed 101 looks first at drug driving tests and then at workplace drug tests… and also answers the question: How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Mobile roadside drug testing

Police are cracking down on people who use drugs and drive under the influence. When pulled over, police may request a saliva sample to do a THC drug test, and if it comes up positive, you can expect to receive fines and possibly lose your licence (the penalties are different in each Australian state and territory). Cannabis can affect your driving for up to five hours, causing slow reaction time and lack of focus. You’re also up to three times more likely to have a car crash if you smoke weed and drive. So it s best to stay off the pot altogether if you re going to be driving, then if you do undergo a THC drug test you ll be in the clear!

Workplace THC drug tests

Random drug testing, including THC drug tests (which test for the main ingredient in cannabis), are practiced in a lot of workplaces, especially those where people work with heavy machinery or in jobs where a mishap could cause serious safety issues. A THC drug test is usually carried out as a urine or saliva test you take at work, and results are sent to your workplace in the days following.

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

When you use weed, it is stored in your fatty tissue and released slowly into your bloodstream before you get rid of it from your body. The length of time it stays in your system depends on a lot of things, but in general it may be found in urine for one-to-five days after occasional use and up to six weeks if you re a regular, long-term user…

Is cannabis legal in Australia? What happens if I get caught?

It’s not legal to possess, grow, buy or sell weed anywhere in Australia. The penalties differ for each state and some states have ‘decriminalised’ use. You can find out more about which laws apply in your state here: Cannabis and the Law or read more about cannabis in the workplace here.

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