Mixing weed with other drugs: What's the deal?

While there are a lot of rhymes about combining weed with alcohol and how quickly it can land you on your backside, the best advice when it comes to mixing weed with other drugs is just not to do it.

Mixing drugs can make their effects really unpredictable and you may experience some concerning physical and mental health side effects. People who like mixing weed with other drugs generally do it for one of two reasons they want to increase or change the high they experience; or they are already under the influence of one drug and make a poor decision to try something else at the same time. So what do we know?

Mixing alcohol and weed

We’ve all heard it, Beer before grass, you’re on your ass. While the nasty side effects of mixing alcohol and weed at the same time usually happen when its done in that order beer first, weed after this experience is not one you want to play with. When mixing alcohol and weed, you may end up with nausea, vomiting and psychosis for people who are prone to it meaning you’ll be paranoid, anxious and/or afraid. When this happens to people, it is often called greening out and it can be quite scary if it s happening to one of your friends or family in front of you.

If you d like to find out what you should do if one of your mates is greening out, check out the 4 steps to helping a friend who’s greened out factsheet.

Mixing tobacco and weed

Regularly combining tobacco and weed can have the same effect as smoking cigarettes. Smoking tobacco increases your risk of respiratory diseases like asthma or emphysema, or other illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. It can also mean you develop an addiction to nicotine and find it harder to quit.

Mixing prescribed medications and marijuana

Not much is documented about the effects of mixing cannabis with prescribed medications, but in some cases, such as antidepressants, using weed can increase side effects such as nausea, rapid heartbeat, dizziness and anxiety.

The effects of weed alone can be quite unpredictable depending on who you are, your mental state and your family history so basically mixing weed with other drugs can increase your risk and land you on your backside greening out or worse!

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*Please note that the terms marijuana , cannabis , weed and pot are used interchangeably in these fast facts, and all refer to the illegal drug, cannabis, unless otherwise specified.

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