Smoking marijuana while pregnant

Will smoking marijuana while pregnant harm my baby?

If you’re looking at getting pregnant or you’re already pregnant, you know there are a lot of restrictions on what you should and shouldn’t put into your body if you want to make sure your baby is safe and well. There is advice on avoiding cheeses, meats, seafood, prepared foods and a range of other things. Like alcohol, tobacco and all other illicit drugs, smoking marijuana while pregnant is not a good idea. So, if getting pregnant is your goal and you want to give your baby the best chance for a healthy life. Here are some serious things to think about:

Smoking marijuana while trying to get pregnant

If you re trying to get pregnant, using marijuana can disrupt the menstrual cycle and sperm quality.

Smoking marijuana while pregnant

  • THC (the part of cannabis that causes the high ) is passed through the placenta to the baby.

  • Smoking marijuana while pregnant can affect the oxygen and nutrients your baby is getting, which could cause problems with its growth while it s in the womb.

  • Using cannabis may result in your baby having a lower birth weight or suffering other symptoms like exaggerated startle response, tremors, poor eye-sight or a hole in the heart . They may also wheeze or get breathing problems like asthma.

  • For mums who use marijuana while pregnant, or dads who use marijuana in the twelve months before conception, some evidence suggests babies will have a higher chance of developing some childhood cancers.

Smoking marijuana when your children are young

  • Smoking weed while breastfeeding is not a good idea, as THC (the main ingredient in cannabis) can pass from mum to baby through breast milk.

  • If you used while pregnant, by the time your kids are three or four, you are more likely to find they have trouble reasoning and remembering things they hear, their motor skills may be poorer than those of other kids and they might be more fearful, impulsive or inattentive.

While using cannabis may feel important, smoking weed while breastfeeding or pregnant could affect the safety and health of your baby. Quitting weed before you get pregnant is the best way to avoid giving your baby cannabis-related health problems that could affect them for life.

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*Please note that the terms marijuana , cannabis , weed and pot are used interchangeably in these fast facts, and all refer to the illegal drug, cannabis, unless otherwise specified.

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