Peer pressure and not giving in

NO. These two little letters can be amazingly hard to say sometimes! And when it comes to things like weed where you can feel left out, boring or like a goody-goody if you don t give it a try sometimes saying no can feel impossible even if you really want to. Lucky for you, saying no isn t impossible, so if you don t want to try weed, you don t have to. If you re having trouble with deciding whether to try weed or not, check out our decision-making infographic here. If you ve already decided it s not for you, have a look at some possible options below for how to say no
without losing face.

If they’re still pressuring you… just make an excuse and leave!

Finding it difficult to say no to your friends because they reeeeeallllly want you to do something, or make you feel like a weirdo if you don’t want to do whatever they are doing? Check out this quick video which has some ideas for how to say no without losing face.

Have you heard of magic eight balls? Or apps that help you make decisions? Well back-in-the-day, before mobile phones were around and magic eight balls where yet to be invented, people used to play a game called ‘chatterbox’ to help them make decisions, come up with what they were going to do, or just figure out what they would have for lunch.

A chatterbox is a piece of paper folded into a small, 3D pyramid that can be folded in and out to reveal different pieces of advice inside. The way you play is to place the points over your fingers, pick a number and then count while you fold the paper back and forward, pick another number and count while you fold again and then pick a square to open. The square underneath tells you what you should do.

This chatterbox is designed to help you with your tough decisions, and won’t tell you the exact answer, but will give you some good advice that may really help you choose your next move! Hint – you can print it from the PDF a bit easier!

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