Medical cannabis

Australia continues to debate legalisation of medical cannabis. This page points you to the latest studies, information and media.

Medicinal Cannabis 101

Learn more about important terms, access medical cannabis in Australia and the history behind cannabis used as medicine.

Medical cannabis factsheet

A simple overview of the use of cannabis in medical applications.

Research Corner

Here we examine the evidence behind some of the claims for the beneficial effects of medical cannabis on specific conditions.

Cannabis For Medical Purpuses

A researched paper produced by Professor Jan Copeland, that examines the current evidence to the support the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Mythbusters: medical cannabis

A lot of what people know about medicinal cannabis is gained through the media... unfortunately some media reports aren't always accurate. This page provides information about some of the most common medicinal cannabis misconceptions.

Clinical trials

This is a list of ongoing medical trials that involve cannabis or cannabinoids, please note these have not been reviewed for study quality by NCPIC. For more information on clinical trials, visit: For reviews of research, keep an eye out for our research corner.

Medical Cannabis Timeline

A list of important dates relating to medical cannabis in Australia.

A global glance at medical cannabis

This referenced paper highlights some of the medical cannabis changes that have occurred globally in recent times.

Monthly media wrap up

Medical cannabis resources

A growing range of videos, documents, press clippings and blogs from other organisations about medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis in Australia

This page contains up-to-date information on medical cannabis in Australia.