Medical cannabis quiz

Medical cannabis quiz: what do you know?

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  1. A synthetic cigarette to mix with tobacco.
  2. A drug that comes from the cannabis sativa plant and the chemical that gets you stoned is called THC.
  3. A pill you buy illegally from drug dealers that makes everything feel faster and more exciting.
  1. Cannabis is a plant and marijuana is the leaves and buds on the plant. A lot of people call cannabis marijuana, pot, weed or other names.
  2. They are all different drugs.
  3. Marijuana and cannabis are the same, but pot and weed are man-made drugs.
  1. Cannabis that has been grown by someone and confiscated by police for sale to sick people through a pharmacy.
  2. Drugs made by scientists using all or some of the compounds in cannabis (called cannabinoids) which may be from the plant or synthetic copies.
  3. Cannabis grown by a pharmacist.
  1. The USA Government Health Department found it to be an effective medicine and legalised its use.
  2. People pushed for a public vote in their state and then voted for it to be legal.
  3. A lot of really high quality research was done with various diseases to support its legalisation.
  1. The smoke kills bacteria and is good for the lungs.
  2. It may help with some illnesses and symptoms, like nausea from chemotherapy, and spasticity from Multiple Sclerosis, but smoked cannabis hasn t been studied, and smoking can lead to respiratory illnesses.
  3. It cures cancer.
  1. It won t damage the lungs when it is used, is the same in every dose, and hasn t been sprayed with any pesticides.
  2. Studies have shown certain cannabinoids (parts of cannabis) might help with spasticity in MS patients, side effects of chemotherapy and childhood epilepsy.
  3. All of the above.
  1. Using cannabis has been linked with respiratory illness, mental health problems like psychosis, and can even affect your oral (mouth) health.
  2. It will make you smarter and better at your job because you sleep better.
  3. It improves focus and motivation.
  1. People who aren t very smart.
  2. People who have a history of mental illness in their family.
  3. People who don t exercise enough to clear their thoughts.