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Resources for general practitioners.

Over 200,000 Australians are currently cannabis-dependent. NCPIC has worked with industry experts to develop a cannabis toolkit for GPs and other health professionals. The kit encourages you to consider the symptoms your patient is exhibiting and the common side-effects of cannabis, in order to determine if the drug may be playing a role in their illness. So next time you see a patient with a chronic cough, depression or anxiety, ask yourself: could cannabis be the missing piece of the puzzle?

A kit has been designed for GP’s which includes:

1) A resource pack for General Practitioners which includes an assessment for cannabis-related problems, the severity of dependence scale (SDS), clinician’s guidelines and referral information. You can download this pack in the free resources in our shop.

2) Fact sheets for General Practitioners which includes: GP guidelines for assessment and management of cannabis use disorder, cannabis withdrawal syndrome for GPs, cannabis and mental health, key messages on cannabis, cannabis use and fertility, cannabis: what is it? Download for free here.

NCPIC also has a range of video resources that can provide you information or help you give useful advice to patients or their parents. See our YouTube channel for more information.

The ‘Cannabis for medical purposes’ bulletin is based on a submission to the recent NSW Parliament Legislative Council s Inquiry Into The Use Of Cannabis For Medical Purposes. There are a range of position papers available that discuss the relevant national and international agreements that touch on the availability of cannabis products for medicinal use and the complexities of designing a robust system of supply. This paper, therefore, focuses on the evidence regarding the efficacy of cannabinoids and crude plant in the management and treatment of medical conditions.

Click here to read our ‘Cannabis for medical purposes‘ bulletin or here to access our medical cannabis web centre.

NCPIC has developed a range of resources suited for use with clients or patients. Resources include informational pieces, quit guides for use alone or with a health professional and various scales and forms for use in assessing patients. All clinical resources can be accessed free in our shop.

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