Figuring out how to face the effects

Not all decision go as planned, and sometimes you can find yourself in a situation that you didn’t expect to be in. Whether it’s lying to your parents about drugs and ending up with the police, partying too hard and missing out on the ATAR you need or just taking the easy route and hurting someone in the process, decision aren’t always easy to make and the results are sometimes less easy to deal with. If you have made a decision you’re not happy with, don’t dwell on it, think about it and move on. This infographic gives some good tips for how to tackle a decision that has left you in a tricky spot.

WEED CAN AFFECT YOU IN THE LONG TERM. Some people might enjoy their experience using weed, but other people might feel anxious, paranoid or even sick in the stomach. No matter whether you do or don t enjoy it at the time of using it, if you continue to use weed heavily, for a long period of time (especially if you start while a teenager) you might experience long-term problems. You might find it hard to concentrate or think straight (even when you re not high), have trouble learning knew things or remembering, you may experience some mental health problems, or your mucus-cough could turn into a serious illness in your lungs.

If you re thinking about trying weed, make sure you think of the long-term side-effects when making your mental list of pros and cons.

Weed can affect many areas of your life. Scroll over the images below to see the effect weed can have on each area of your life.

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