Celebrating milestones

When quitting weed, it s important to reward yourself along the way, so make this a part of your long term plan to quitting. For example, after reaching one week without weed, head out for your favourite meal. After a month, maybe reward yourself with a ticket to a band you ve been dying to see for ages.


Go out to your favourite restaurant for a meal.

Get out

Get a ticket to a sporting fixture or music gig with the $$ you've saved.

Retail rewards

Is there something you ve wanted for ages, like a video game, trendy headphones or a new sunglasses? Set that as your aim on a certain date and work towards it.

Get away

Head online, checkout trip adviser and book yourself a weekend away!

Be social

One of the toughest things about weed can be losing social motivation. But you'll get it back, so celebrate milestones by heading out with friends.


Going to the cinema isn't cheap - but when you get to that milestone you'll have saved a few dollars, so see the latest blockbuster!


Getting through cravings and withdrawals can be stressful - so why not reward yourself with a massage.

Get fit

If quitting weed is just the start of your new healthier life, why not reward yourself with a personal trainer?

Get educated

Put your new found clarity of mind to work and start learning something new by starting a class or online course.

Enjoy the outdoors

You can breathe better - so get some fresh air! Head to the bushy with mates and enjoy a camping trip.

Hit the track

All that weed may have been getting int he way of your awesome driving skills. Now your hand-eye coordination is back, hit the track for some go-carting.

Gamer glory

Reward yourself for your commitment by buying the latest game you want!

Struggling to think
of rewards...

Try this random rewards shuffler.
Just swipe left or right for ideas.

Share your progress

There's nothing wrong with a bit of pride in an achievement. Share your progress with your family and friends on social media