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Difficulty with sleep is one of the most common problems people encounter when they first quit using cannabis. Most people find this is only temporary, but in the meantime we ve put together a few resources to help you get some better quality shut-eye.

Hints for getting better sleep

We ve found, from working with people who are trying to quit cannabis, that one of the biggest concerns is sleep. Will I ever sleep properly again if I give up weed?

The rough news is that trouble sleeping is a fairly common withdrawal symptom especially if you have specifically been using cannabis to sleep and have become reliant on it. The good news is, like in a lot of cases, your body recovers and your routine readjusts! Once you re through withdrawal and you ve taken some steps to change up your routine you will likely get some of the best sleep you ve had in a while.

If you re looking for ways to get to sleep, try these tools:

As sleep is one of the most challenging parts of giving up, we thought we d give you the chance to share your successful weed-free sleep strategies with others.

Sleep is one of the many areas associated with cannabis that is highly debated. On one hand, some users swear by it, saying it helps them sleep when nothing else will. On the other hand, some say they don t sleep as well after using it. And after quitting, a common withdrawal symptom is trouble sleeping.

Dr Peter Gates, Lucy Albertella and Professor Jan Copeland have reviewed some of the research in our bulletin cannabis and sleep: an unfinished story and their conclusion the jury is still out, more research is needed. It s commonly thought that while cannabis might help you get to sleep, like alcohol, the quality of sleep you will get is poor.

Check out the bulletin:


Or if you don t feel like reading today, here s a handy, graphic summary.

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