Cannabis and mental health quiz

What percentage of Australians will have tried cannabis at some point in their lives?

  1. 35%
  2. 50%
  3. 70%

1. The answer is


Schizophrenia is:

  1. A type of illness where people see or hear things that aren t really there
  2. More likely to occur in someone who has a family history of mental illness
  3. More likely to be triggered if someone uses cannabis
  4. All of the above

2. The answer is


Greening out means

  1. The green stuff on top of the cannabis plant that is low in potency so people throw it away
  2. Getting sick, paranoid or anxious from using weed
  3. When a dealer tries to add other drugs to your cannabis to get you hooked on them

3. The answer is


Cannabis is:

  1. Physically addictive meaning people need more and more of it to get the same high
  2. Mentally addictive meaning people get addicted to the ritual of smoking it or they use it to cope with problems
  3. Both physically and mentally addictive

4. The answer is


Using cannabis can lead to decreases in

  1. Memory, motivation and attention
  2. Muscle gain, brain size and hair follicles
  3. Testosterone, peptides and other hormones

5. The answer is


If someone has had too much weed and feels sick or paranoid you should:

  1. Give them something else to straighten them out like alcohol or sleeping pills
  2. Make them try and vomit it up
  3. Keep them calm, give them some water or something sweet to drink and call an ambulance if it s serious

6. The answer is


Marijuana use is different to our parents generation because:

  1. The internet has made it easier to make healthier and safer cannabis
  2. The governments have regulated cannabis now and it s legal to buy in Australia
  3. These days, it has more THC, people are smoking the stronger part of the plant and starting at an earlier age meaning their risk of physical and mental health problems is greater

7. The answer is


The brain continues to grow and develop (and therefore be especially susceptible to drugs and alcohol) until what age?

  1. 18 for males and females
  2. About 23 for females and 25 for males
  3. About 25 for females and 23 for males

8. The answer is


Sometimes people mix cannabis and tobacco together to smoke in the same joint or bong and this is considered:

  1. Dangerous because you can end up getting addicted to tobacco/nicotine too without ever smoking cigarettes
  2. Safer because nicotine is good for you
  3. Safer because cannabis is a medicine

9. The answer is


If someone tries to quit using weed after a period of time, the main symptoms (known as withdrawal) they will experience for up to two weeks are:

  1. Anxiety, sleeplessness, bad dreams and irritability
  2. An urge to exercise more, vomiting, more energy
  3. No symptoms because it s not addictive

10. The answer is: