A quickie for guys on cannabis and trying to conceive

Stop what you re doing. We see you standing in the kitchen waiting for your boxer shorts to freeze before you slip them on and shake your way back to the bedroom.


So you re trying to get pregnant and not everything is going to plan? You ve both tried all the sensible advice: eating better, exercising moderately, cutting down on the booze, relaxing more relaxing less And you ve tried some of the not so sensible advice, headstands after sex, eating copious amounts of sweet potato... and the frozen boxer shorts routine and nothing seems to be working. What if the problem is not something you re doing now, but something you ve done in the recent past?

By now, you no doubt know that getting pregnant is not always that easy. There are a myriad of things that can affect how fertile either of you are, at any one time. Some of the things that can have an effect when you re trying to conceive include things like internal issues inside the female body, hormone imbalances, ageing and some women can even have antibodies to sperm in their cervix.

Also important to consider, your lifestyle before and during the time you re trying to conceive can play a big part regardless of how cold your boxer shorts are!

Cannabis and your swimmers how can falling pregnant be affected?

With National Gynaecological Awareness Day falling recently, it s only natural for people to be thinking about how women s bodies work, and at NCPIC, that got us thinking about babies and how cannabis use can affect people s ability to conceive them. While it s obvious to a lot of people that anything a woman takes into her body when she s trying to conceive can have an impact on her chances, something not a lot of us consider is how the substances you her partner consume, can also up the challenge to achieving that second blue line on the pregnancy test.

For you guys, smoking weed may have a big impact on your ability to start a family especially if you ve smoked heavily. Firstly, and importantly, smoking a lot of weed has been known to have an effect on your motivation and yes, you guessed it, your desire to get under the sheets and start trying to get pregnant. The good news in this case is that quitting though it can be a challenge well help you find the mojo you lost and get on with the job at hand.

The second set of fertility problems related to use of cannabis may be familiar to you at a holistic level, but their impact on the smaller, less noticeable parts of your body may not have occurred to you. As a smoker did you ever feel a little off balance? Uncoordinated? Sluggish? Well imagine the same effect on your swimmers ! Think about it picture your swimmers, goggles on, heading out to share your genes, and finding themselves feeling groggy, a little out of shape and like they really couldn t be bothered?

Using cannabis has been linked with slow and abnormal sperm, which might have an impact on your successful contribution to falling pregnant. Likewise, it has also been known to impact the quality of sperm which means it may be even more difficult to conceive.

While all might seem lost and you feel the most you can look forward to is watching TV over your partner s feet as she somersaults into yet another headstand, preparation is key.

Like the other improvements you ve made in your life in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant, before entering the let s have a baby stage , think about your cannabis use and start to cut down and quit. Quitting will not only improve your chances of getting pregnant, but if your partner also smokes, will be a great show of support as she prepares to also give up while trying to conceive and in pregnancy phases and beyond. While quitting can be tricky, it is a really important move at this point in your life as using can not only contribute to troubles falling pregnant, use by you and your partner can affect your baby s future health, and for you, can also mean a higher risk of testicular cancer.

Quitting cannabis may not be the key to unlocking your fertility problems, but knowing how smoking weed and using other drugs can affect your chances of getting pregnant and doing everything possible to avoid that, is a very important part of your fertility puzzle.