Posted on March


Hiring a new employee

Six key tips on what to consider when a new employee starts.


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Posted on February


What to do if you think a colleague is struggling with drug use

Talking to a work colleague about their concerning drug use can be tricky, but knowing how to approach the conversation can set you in the right direction.


weed watch, HR, drugs at work
Posted on February


Dealing with pressure to do drugs at work

Some useful tips on how to cope with pressure to do drugs at social occasions with work colleagues.


weed watch, HR, drugs at work
Posted on August


Social media policy: to stalk or not to stalk?

These days, even the smallest of organisations have a social media policy - but does it cover everything? This article looks at the must-know workplace social media etiquette you should share with all your managers and employees.


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Posted on May


5 reasons weed has no place at work

Smoking weed can negatively affect many aspects of your work performance, including your concentration, motivation, safety and interpersonal skills.


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Posted on May


Could workplace drug use be affecting your employee performance?

Decreasing employee performance, motivation and productivity could be a sign that they have a drug problem. It's therefore important to understand the signs of possible drug use and know how to effectively approach the problem.


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Posted on January


New Year, new inductees: getting workplace drug education right from day one

New employee induction is the ideal time to educate your employees about your workplace drug and alcohol policy.


weed watch, drug and alcohol policy, workplace drug education
Posted on December


Christmas, parties and getting loose in the silly season

Christmas can be a fun, crazy and electric time of the year when we get it right but can come with some nasty consequences when we get it wrong. To get you ready for Chrissy, here are our five tips on substance use during the silly season.


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