Posted on July


5 things every parent needs to know about weed

As a parent, there may be no bigger worry than wondering if your child is using drugs and just how you can help them and keep them safe if you find they are experimenting or using regularly.

Here are five tips to help you manage your suspicions and maintain a good relationship with your kids


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Posted on August


Drugs and sex: the other talk you need to have with your kids

How parents can approach the topics of drugs and sex with their teenagers.


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Posted on September


Media exposés: drug education or an advertisement?

Every now and then, when the medicinal cannabis stories start to temporarily thin, Australian media look to something a little more alarming or downright scary to fill the gap, such as the potentially life-saving shocking truth stories about drugs, how easy they are to get and the real damage they may be doing...


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Posted on September


Parenting teenagers: what do our kids need to know about cannabis?

Before you try talking to your kids about drugs, it's a good idea to brush up on the facts.


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