Posted on May


UIC Medical Cannabis symposium

In the world of medical cannabis, it seems Dr David Caldicott is a rock star!

Well at least that s how it appeared on the second day of this year s United In Compassion Medical Cannabis Symposium, where I m just David had the notoriously difficult middle-of-the-day timeslot. A timeslot when most people sneak out early for lunch, switch off, or feign interest while they plan their afternoon.

Not in this case.


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Posted on April


Can cannabis make you more creative?

In an effort to find out whether using weed actually helps people with creating original ideas, let s take a look at a couple of objective studies using objective measures undertaken in this complex area.


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Posted on April


March media wrap-up: Money and marijuana

In March, research studies in mainstream media were few-and-far-between. Overshadowed by the sheer number of articles focused on the commercial prospects of cannabis, science dropped from the headlines and almost right off the bottom of the screen.


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Posted on February


February media wrap up

In February 2016, the Australian media covered stories on the progression of medical cannabis legislation in the federal parliament, as well as several stories on different cannabis research studies.


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Posted on October


September media: cannabis confusion and contradiction

A brief round-up of how the Australian media covered cannabis stories in September 2015


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Posted on September


August media wrap up studies and spin

This month the Australian media focussed on general cannabis research, synthetics and 'cannabis vomiting syndrome'.


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Posted on July


June media wrap up

June was another action-packed month when it came to cannabis news. Significant funds were allocated to new research, the USA moved to facilitate further study on cannabinoids, and new reports highlighted the shortcomings in evidence to support the USA s legalisation of medicinal cannabis for some illnesses.


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Posted on June


May media wrap up

May saw a lot of media coverage about cannabis research. Although there was still plenty of coverage about medicinal cannabis, the media also covered stories on research into the effects of cannabis on lung health and driving skills. And it was great to see that some Australian media outlets found the floated idea that cannabis could increase creativity in school kids as crazy as NCPIC does.


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Posted on March


Good science vs bad science: weeding out fact from fiction

There's a lot of 'research' and 'evidence' out there, but how can you tell the difference between real research, which is the result of a proper scientific study, and poor research, which sometimes produces big claims but is actually meaningless?


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