Posted on May


6 habits of people who have successfully quit weed

We know quitting weed is no cake-walk, but when you ve been using it for a while and it s baked into your daily routine, giving up anything demands some serious focus and determination. We spoke with people who ve been there, who have overcome the various hurdles you face when quitting weed, and asked them for advice on how others can go about it. Here s what they had to say.


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Posted on April


5 indicators you might be addicted to weed

Your mates might have told you it s impossible to get addicted to weed. Or it s only a mentally addictive drug and it s easy to quit if you just have the determination. At NCPIC, we also hear the classic line: I could quit anytime I wanted to quite a bit; just as we ve always heard from tobacco smokers. To help you work out whether your cannabis use might be putting you at risk for addiction and make quitting more difficult if you decided you wanted to go that way keep on reading.


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Posted on February


5 months on from quitting cannabis

We catch up with Mark to see how he's going 5 months on from quitting weed.


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Posted on November


Pushing past addiction

An honest account of the effect weed had on one young man's life and how he's managing after quitting weed.


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Posted on August


Using a growth mindset to achieve your goals

How changing the way you think about your abilities can help you reach goals you never thought possible.


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Posted on April


Quitting weed: Negotiating help-seeking with your child

Find out how to positively influence your child to start thinking about quitting weed without the tears!


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Posted on April


Quitting weed: How to help a mate with addiction

Struggling to help a mate quit weed? We re here to help.


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Posted on December


The twelve days 'til Quitmas!

This year, try a novel approach to quitting weed - grab an Advent Calendar and practice a daily abstain and reward routine.


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Posted on December


Can't seem to find your Christmas cheer this year?

Christmas can be a tricky time - for a lot of us, we look forward to the fun, festivities and food, but for others it can mean depression, anxiety and just feeling alone.


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Posted on December


Should I quit weed? Having that' conversation with yourself

If you smoke weed and you have a close support network, it s not unlikely that you ve heard their opinion on your drug of choice, what it can do to you and why you should give it up now, before it s too late . And while all of this may actually be good advice, do you really want to hear it?...


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