Posted on August


My child is hanging around a bad crowd what can I do?

At some point or another, many parents won t approve of the company their kids keep. It s a pretty common story: watching a child gravitate towards a group of people who are using drugs, rebelling against authority of various kinds or who seem self-destructive. It can be some of the most difficult territory you will ever have to navigate as a parent. So what can you do?


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Posted on July


Try this one easy technique to stop your kids ever using drugs

A new study has found rewarding positive behaviours and offering incentives for a job well done, is much more in tune with how teenagers operate than punishing bad behaviour.


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Posted on November


Schoolies toolbox

Straying from our usual blog style, this month we've compiled some of our most relevant resources for young people who will be attending schoolies, and their parents who might also need to get their cannabis knowledge up-to-date.


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Posted on March


Parenting and drugs: ultimatums aren't everything

Parenting teenagers when drug use is an issue can be challenging and emotional. In this blog, we look at one of the most common calls to our cannabis helpline and provide some small insights that may go a long way.


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Posted on January


Positive parenting: should you wrap your kids in cotton wool?

With school holidays in full swing, it can be difficult to keep track of what your kids are doing and who they are doing it with. But could knowing more actually make a big impact on their future and safety?


weed watch, parenting, teen drug use
Posted on September


Media exposés: drug education or an advertisement?

Every now and then, when the medicinal cannabis stories start to temporarily thin, Australian media look to something a little more alarming or downright scary to fill the gap, such as the potentially life-saving shocking truth stories about drugs, how easy they are to get and the real damage they may be doing...


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Posted on September


Parenting teenagers: what do our kids need to know about cannabis?

Before you try talking to your kids about drugs, it's a good idea to brush up on the facts.


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