Posted on October


growing marijuna in Australia - who can do it?

Recently, in response to the legislative changes made by the Federal Government, we have been contacted by quite a few people looking for information about how they can start their own cannabis farm or shop, here in Australia.


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Posted on August


Marijuana drug policy in Portugal 2016

Whenever drug policy is discussed you can guarantee Portugal will get a mention. There has been a lot of confusion about the changes made to Portugal s drug laws since they were adopted a decade and a half ago. Many people believe drugs are legal in Portugal, regulated by the government, even taxed, and this is said to have had a range of great health benefits for the country, stopping overdoses, lowering the rate of HIV infections and reducing drug use overall. The reality of the policy in action is not simple, so we thought we d clear up a few of the misconceptions.


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Posted on August


Explainer: medical cannabis news in NSW - August 2016

Usually our media wrap up covers a range of different media stories from the month, but as none made a splash quite like the NSW medical cannabis legislative changes, the July media wrap will focus solely on this one issue.


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Posted on August


Marijuana and your mouth: not so pearly whites

In conjunction with this year s Dental Health Week, we thought we would take the opportunity to remind you of the effect cannabis use can have on your oral health.


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Posted on July


Pot and period pain the perfect partnership?

A popular celebrity s collaboration with a renowned medical cannabis producer in the USA: the two have come together to produce a range of cannabis-based products designed specifically to help rid women of nasty period cramps and pain.


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Posted on July


When your friend should quit weed - but they think it s a miracle drug

Now don t get us wrong, cannabis may have some positive applications, particularly in medicine though right now the jury is out on most of those. But for recreational users, the focus on medical use and choosing to ignore possible negative effects, has made it difficult to encourage young people to consider objective information about cannabis, and talking to friends and loved ones about concerns relating to their use has become a bigger challenge than ever before.


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Posted on June


Contaminants (pesticides and fungicides) in medicinal cannabis

The use of pesticides on cannabis plants is something NCPIC has warned users about regularly in the past. Over recent years, it has become even more concerning as parents consider giving the drug to their children who are suffering from serious illnesses, without being able to be fully aware of what different chemicals may have been used to support the growth of the plant. Pesticides can be highly toxic and have serious side effects, and pesticide testing regimes in the US differ from state to state


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Posted on October


Where do we stand on medical cannabis?

Sometimes the word 'prevention' in our name can be confusing -- in this blog, we set the record straight on our position on all things medical cannabis.


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Posted on October


September media: cannabis confusion and contradiction

A brief round-up of how the Australian media covered cannabis stories in September 2015


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Posted on April


5 reasons why synthetic weed is a dud bud

Want to find out the top 5 reasons why NOT to smoke fake weed? Read on to discover why synthetic marijuana is unpredictable, illegal, unsafe and a waste of money, just to name a few.


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