Posted on July


20 things to do instead of smoking weed!

We know from the research there are some proven techniques to help overcome cannabis cravings for those trying to quit. Cravings come in waves and tend to only be strong for about 20 minutes, so if someone can push through the danger zone, the cannabis cravings start to become less intense and less frequent. Enter the four D s: distract, delay, deep-breathing and de-catastrophize. The first of these distraction is the most important tool in your mental toolkit to riding the waves of those cravings.

Here are 20 things you can do to entertain your brain and body that don t involve smoking weed. Maybe you ve tried some of them before, or perhaps there s something you ve always been meaning to try but have never got around to now s your chance to give it a go!


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Posted on July


When your friend should quit weed - but they think it s a miracle drug

Now don t get us wrong, cannabis may have some positive applications, particularly in medicine though right now the jury is out on most of those. But for recreational users, the focus on medical use and choosing to ignore possible negative effects, has made it difficult to encourage young people to consider objective information about cannabis, and talking to friends and loved ones about concerns relating to their use has become a bigger challenge than ever before.


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Posted on November


Schoolies toolbox

Straying from our usual blog style, this month we've compiled some of our most relevant resources for young people who will be attending schoolies, and their parents who might also need to get their cannabis knowledge up-to-date.


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Posted on February


Posted on February


A friend with weed is a friend indeed?

If you want to help a mate with a cannabis problem, having a conversation with them is a good place to start.


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