Posted on July


Media Wrap up June 2016

Last month was a somewhat confusing month when it came to cannabis news publications from mainstream newspapers and popular niche blogs, to YouTube videos, presented the same stories twisted different ways depending on the agenda of the journalist or artist.

We all know research can be twisted and turned a lot of different ways, but as we sifted and sorted through the many cannabis articles published in mainstream media throughout the month, it s no surprise some people are confused about exactly what cannabis will, won t or may do to you if you use it!


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Posted on April


5 indicators you might be addicted to weed

Your mates might have told you it s impossible to get addicted to weed. Or it s only a mentally addictive drug and it s easy to quit if you just have the determination. At NCPIC, we also hear the classic line: I could quit anytime I wanted to quite a bit; just as we ve always heard from tobacco smokers. To help you work out whether your cannabis use might be putting you at risk for addiction and make quitting more difficult if you decided you wanted to go that way keep on reading.


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