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Media Wrap up June 2016

Last month was a somewhat confusing month when it came to cannabis news publications from mainstream newspapers and popular niche blogs, to YouTube videos, presented the same stories twisted different ways depending on the agenda of the journalist or artist.

We all know research can be twisted and turned a lot of different ways, but as we sifted and sorted through the many cannabis articles published in mainstream media throughout the month, it s no surprise some people are confused about exactly what cannabis will, won t or may do to you if you use it!


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Posted on June


Contaminants (pesticides and fungicides) in medicinal cannabis

The use of pesticides on cannabis plants is something NCPIC has warned users about regularly in the past. Over recent years, it has become even more concerning as parents consider giving the drug to their children who are suffering from serious illnesses, without being able to be fully aware of what different chemicals may have been used to support the growth of the plant. Pesticides can be highly toxic and have serious side effects, and pesticide testing regimes in the US differ from state to state


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Posted on May


5 outrageous claims about weed

A lot of people who sit on the pro-cannabis side of the fence look at historic anti-cannabis materials such as Reefer Madness and label it as outrageous propaganda designed to stigmatise cannabis and its users. And let s be honest, it was. It was typical of the time it was created, and took cannabis education (and we use the term loosely) to an extreme and often unrealistic place.


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Posted on May


April media wrap up does cannabis cure cancer?

A round-up of media articles about cannabis over the month of April 2015. This month the media covered medicinal cannabis trials, synthetic cannabis and fake cures.


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