Posted on July


Try this one easy technique to stop your kids ever using drugs

A new study has found rewarding positive behaviours and offering incentives for a job well done, is much more in tune with how teenagers operate than punishing bad behaviour.


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Posted on June


Tips for recovering brain-health after quitting weed

At NCPIC, we often get asked questions like how can I recover my brain-health after I quit using? and what kind of damage does marijuana do to the brain? While there is no one quick-fix solution and the jury is still out on some potential harms, the good news is it is possible to improve your brain-health over time. We ve put together a few different ways to help recover from some of the effects of smoking weed and whip your brain back into shape.


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Posted on April


March monthly media medicinal cannabis on our minds

A round-up of media articles about cannabis over the month of March 2015. This month the media covered medicinal cannabis, legalisation, synthetic cannabis and the effects of cannabis on the brain


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