Posted on October


Top 5 marijuana plant fails

More than one thousand Australians search online for marijuana plant every month, despite the fact there s actually no such thing as a marijuana plant . In fact, there is so much misinformation, so many misconceptions and strange stereotypes about cannabis flying around the web, these strange rumors are often taken as fact. So we decided we would tackle five of the most common misconceptions Aussies have about weed, to help you separate fact from fiction.


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Posted on August


Five reasons not to treat depression with weed

We recently spoke with two people who, on the recommendation of a therapist, have been using cannabis to manage their anxiety and/or depression. One person said their therapist recommended cutting out stimulants like coffee, but weed was encouraged as a great tool to help with anxiety. We were interested and concerned to learn of a health professional giving out this kind of advice, especially to vulnerable people who may just be seeking a quick fix.


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Posted on April


Help! How can I manage my irritability when I quit weed?

Quitting weed can be rough. You make the decision to do something good for your mind and body and then, as a thank you, you get smacked in the face with some pretty hefty withdrawal symptoms which threaten to throw your best intentions way off-course. So if you ve noticed you re snapping at friends, family or co-workers, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent unnecessary bridge-burning while your body readjusts to life without weed.


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Posted on March


Adult colouring books: a relaxing way to manage withdrawal symptoms

Colouring in books for adults are all the rage at the moment and lots of fun, but could they help you tackle serious issues like cannabis withdrawal?


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Posted on April


Weeding out the root cause of cannabis use

Sometimes heavy cannabis use can be a symptom of a deeper problem that needs to be dealt with, such as anxiety, difficulty in social situations, stress or some deeper issues.


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