Posted on October


Apples and oranges: the weed vs. alcohol debate

Unfortunately, the comparison between cannabis and alcohol is not simple, and the consequences of statements like alcohol is legal and it s more dangerous than cannabis can be damaging and unhelpful.


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Posted on August


My child is hanging around a bad crowd what can I do?

At some point or another, many parents won t approve of the company their kids keep. It s a pretty common story: watching a child gravitate towards a group of people who are using drugs, rebelling against authority of various kinds or who seem self-destructive. It can be some of the most difficult territory you will ever have to navigate as a parent. So what can you do?


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Posted on June


Baked-over or over-baked: can you get a hangover from weed?

Sometimes called a bong over or a stone over , the after-effects of a big night of smoking weed impact everyone differently. While some don t feel bad at all the following day, others can experience symptoms such as headaches, cotton-mouth , or feeling muddled and confused. So why does this happen and how can it be avoided?


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Posted on May


5 reasons why mixing cannabis with other drugs is a bad idea

People mix weed with other drugs for a range of reasons, whether they think it will help with the comedown after a big night on pills or maybe to intensify the high of another substance. While it can seem harmless enough, combining cannabis with other drugs is never a good idea as the results can be dangerous and unpredictable. Here s why:


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Posted on May


5 outrageous claims about weed

A lot of people who sit on the pro-cannabis side of the fence look at historic anti-cannabis materials such as Reefer Madness and label it as outrageous propaganda designed to stigmatise cannabis and its users. And let s be honest, it was. It was typical of the time it was created, and took cannabis education (and we use the term loosely) to an extreme and often unrealistic place.


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Posted on February


Addiction: small rewards that can become big luxuries

It can be surprising how often small indulgences can build up into addictions.


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Posted on January


New Year, new inductees: getting workplace drug education right from day one

New employee induction is the ideal time to educate your employees about your workplace drug and alcohol policy.


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Posted on September


Weed vs alcohol: which is more dangerous?

In January this year, when US President Barack Obama apparently made the statement that he doesn t believe cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol, he sent media into a spin especially because the US at that time was heavily debating further legalisation of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes...


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