Posted on October


Apples and oranges: the weed vs. alcohol debate

Unfortunately, the comparison between cannabis and alcohol is not simple, and the consequences of statements like alcohol is legal and it s more dangerous than cannabis can be damaging and unhelpful.


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Posted on May


5 outrageous claims about weed

A lot of people who sit on the pro-cannabis side of the fence look at historic anti-cannabis materials such as Reefer Madness and label it as outrageous propaganda designed to stigmatise cannabis and its users. And let s be honest, it was. It was typical of the time it was created, and took cannabis education (and we use the term loosely) to an extreme and often unrealistic place.


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Posted on April


5 indicators you might be addicted to weed

Your mates might have told you it s impossible to get addicted to weed. Or it s only a mentally addictive drug and it s easy to quit if you just have the determination. At NCPIC, we also hear the classic line: I could quit anytime I wanted to quite a bit; just as we ve always heard from tobacco smokers. To help you work out whether your cannabis use might be putting you at risk for addiction and make quitting more difficult if you decided you wanted to go that way keep on reading.


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Posted on June


5 ways weed might mess with your plans

A lot of the time when we talk about the effects of cannabis, we focus on the links between regular use and mental and physical health. But using weed, or being caught with it, can have far-reaching effects on other aspects of your life.


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Posted on May


Beating your addiction to weed this winter

Find out how to beat the winter blues and begin quitting weed now!


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Posted on March


Is there a cannabis addict in the house? Self-care and how to look after yourself when it all gets too much

When someone you love is addicted to cannabis and not interested in quitting, it's important to have self-care strategies in place to look after yourself.


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Posted on February


When your partner is dealing with cannabis addiction

What do you do if your partner is addicted to weed?


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Posted on February


Addiction: small rewards that can become big luxuries

It can be surprising how often small indulgences can build up into addictions.


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