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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!

Day 12

Posted 13 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
My friend pissed me off so much and I was angry for soooo long that I just wanted a million bongs to calm down but I didn't so I figure I'm in control

Day 12

Posted 11 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
5 hours sleep.....plus 11 hours work.... and I got crazy angry today .......1st time in 12 days I wanted a bong just to calm down and I was angry for a good 4 hrs. ....... had a slug of fireball wiskey just to take the crazy down a peg.....

Day 10

Posted 09 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
Only screamed 'indicate' to a few drivers today.... and I'm too tired to be angry but so grumpy though..... effort able

Day 7

Posted 06 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
No constant weird dreams yet...... one a few days ago but nothing I can remember as yet.....managed to go to a smoker friends house yesterday and still not have one or have to talk myself out of it all the time (ruminate) but did have a few drinks maybe just to make sure or to participate in some sort of un-sobering

Day 6

Posted 05 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
Starting to realize maybe I'm just a bitch and the weed is not making me angry and I just get there myself

Day 5

Posted 04 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
Received drug saliva test but it didn't work so I neither passed or failed which was a bit unnerving I think I was inquisitive to see results. .......I'm a bit dumb today as I'm exhausted but getting suckie sleep so everything is a bit slow and forgetful. ......but I was on fire at softball last night quicker reflexes and stuff.... never give up giving up.....this time has been easier again......but only cause I how what the withdrawal symptoms are.


Posted 04 December 2015 by Liam
Just feel down can't get on top of it, feel like I'm digging a bottomless hole, I need to dig out some stairs.....

End of day 4

Posted 05 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
I worked and played softball ......hardest time are coming home what to relax to and sleep

So tired of being tired

Posted 03 December 2015 by Emma
I wish I wasn't such a slave to weed. I'm always tired and cranky. It's like the more I smoke the more I need and the more tired it makes me but I'm just can't seem to get away from it... I need to quit just to wake up.

Day 4

Posted 05 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
Dreamt of chopping up
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