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Sporadic decision to quit....

Posted 23 January 2016 by Sky
Sometimes I smoke even when I don't want to. Today I didn't want to. Instead of smoking anyway I have downloaded this app. I already feel like smoking again, but am going to hold off for as long as I can because I do believe quitting weed will improve my life and also my relationship with my partner. I really hope I can achieve my goal of quitting completely. I know I will smoke today. I have already told myself that I will smoke at midday. It's 11:35am and I am watching those minutes. It's so sad. My biggest struggle will be not smoking before doing things I enjoy, such as playing video games or watching a movie. I know that this is all in my head, I have been playing games all morning without weed, I haven't done this in years. I am enjoying the game just fine. Later I will watch a movie without smoking first. I accept that I may smoke at some point during the movie, but the plan is to not smoke or at the very least to hold out for as long as possible. The other challenge will be bed time, floating off to sleep stoned is nice, but I think this may be the easiest part of my habit to quit. It's now 11:38am....

Heroin is probably easier

Posted 20 January 2016 by Dean
Snapped at my boss really bad. Violent thoughts. Only a few more days to go. The sleep though omg why can't we sleep.


Posted 19 January 2016 by Dean
Bit disappointed as I smoked 3 joints and turns out i used more than with cones. Just going to go cold turkey as this weening off shit aint never worked. Today is a new day. Muay Thai Dinner Bath Magnesium & Withania Have some tea Read Meditate

Day One

Posted 18 January 2016 by Dean
As the sun rises and my alarm clock rings with a resounding tenacity, I hit snooze not sure if I can take the day on. Throughout the day I find myself holding or biting my tongue as things and people summarized as inanimate objects test and poke me. Like a Grizzly bear stalking a oscar award worthy performing Dicaprio, I am close to unleashing a territorial rage, mauling and raping my way through life. But I take a deep breathe in and try to remind myself how much fucking worse it could get. Day one almost done I am going to inject myself back into Muay Thai, as much as I want to stay home and smoke I cannot for my mind and body can no longer stagnate, we need to move and unleash this beautiful energy for the world needs it.

Day 27

Posted 27 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
Christmas is here ....... I have been drinking but not replacing...... so that's a plus ....... but still avoiding friends....but that's more a attitude problem. ....and as now the reason for the quest is almost over having no reason to abstain. .......i wish I could set myself another goal to reach.... I'll try

Day 24

Posted 23 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
Wow I'm just a cunt ......a fucken sober cunt...... my next challenge is my temper...... cause I can't put up with anything and just don't need my blood boiling this much..... have you seen the don't give up giving up ad..... day 6 my girlfriend gave me a smoke say I was too angry or something. ...hahahah that's me..... but I haven't smoked ......hahahah

First day

Posted 21 December 2015 by Dal Smart
I'm feeling very anxious about all of this. But I need to control this demon in my life.

Day 20

Posted 19 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
Damn .....went to a friends and it still smells so good ......totally not over it..... but didn't have any..... winning

Day 18

Posted 18 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
I still need to work on angry issues .

Day 13

Posted 13 December 2015 by Alicia McCurdy
No so crazy phew
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