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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!

vivid dreams

Posted 09 April 2016 by persephone green
I don't think I've dreamt in five years. Now I'm getting the most vivid dreams. Last night I woke up and was convinced my boyfriend had cheated on me, that he didn't love me. I had to wake him up to make sure we weren't just talking, I was sure we'd just been fighting. But it was five thirty in the morning, "were we just talking? Do you still love me?" No baby we weren't, yes of course I do. I don't like dreaming! Why nightmares?!

Quit today

Posted 07 April 2016 by Eden
I threw out my bong today and I'm proud of myself for doing so. Other times I wanted to quit I just put the bong out of sight, this time it's in the trash where it belongs. I reclaim my life starting today!!

day 11

Posted 06 April 2016 by persephone green
I think I'm starting to find myself again. Or know myself. Or something. Being a stoner for five years, I guess you kind of get to out a bandaid on all the things you don't want to address. And it's hard to see them through sober eyes. But I think, I think, I feel more myself than I have in a long time. I hope someone feels encouraged by this. Still struggling with anger, and dealing with real life, but I'm getting there. And, more to the point, I'm proud of myself! Yew! I can do this!

wtf is sobriety.

Posted 04 April 2016 by persephone green
I feel so shitty at everything and everyone. The thing that scares me the most is I feel I can't be sober. At all. Like I give up one vice and then I pick up two more, replacing weed with nicotine, and being stoned with being drunk. I hate drinking, I hate alcohol. But sobriety seems worse. How do people do it, how do they go each day sober? I don't want to be stuck with my thoughts or feelings all the time. What if I end up alcoholic instead of just a stoner? I'd rather be a stoner. Still no weed,though I desperately just want to be stoned.

Day 1

Posted 03 April 2016 by Hayden Abrahamse
Uncomfortable with the idea of stopping (anxious to another degree) feeling very apathetic and depressed. Can only go up.

please help! the desktop dashboard wont let me update anything!!!

Posted 30 March 2016 by Musicismylife91
Hi for some reason my goal on here says quit but its NOT to quit just to CUT BACK! i have tried and tried to update it both here and on the app and it wont let me! NPCIC please fix your site! i want to add triggers as well and it wont let me do that either!

Day 3

Posted 29 March 2016 by Theresa barr
I've cut down... Had joints yesterday, but I didn't have one last night before bed which is the biggest challenge for me. So far today I haven't touched it, and I'm working all day/night.. It's if I can try and go without it tonight aswell....

I forgot how I used to study.

Posted 29 March 2016 by Anonymous
I am an astronomy student and now, I cannot study because it all seems boring, I feel sleepy. I cannot focus on a topic more than 10 minutes. And now when I smoke, I feel sleepy and depressed so I cannot study as well. No matter what I do, I feel sleepy and tired. I am not in a shape to do anything, why is that? And therefore, do you have any ideas then playing soccer when you are tired or eating a great lunch without an apetite? Do you guys have a normal, not energetic, not that social, not that loud idea during this withdrawal to get me back to my studies?

Day 3

Posted 29 March 2016 by Jmd
It's too early to tell I know But it's a lot easier when I avoid my smoking friends And hang with my other friends who don't Kind of takes your mind off of it. It works like a charm however if u started smoking long time ago maybe sober friends are no option Good luck everyone cheers

Help with the app.

Posted 09 March 2016 by Musicismylife91
Hi, sorry I wasn't sure which category to put this in. I'm new here. I have this app on my wife's iPad for mys of (she got it for me as a suprise and I'm very happy as I've been wanting to cut back for awhile, not quit, just cut back) anyways I don't really know anyone who would make a good buddy for me in the app and so I want to be automatically paired with a buddy like the app and website says. But how do I make that happen? I've tried hitting request new buddy with no email in the text bar but it's not working. It just closes off. If anyone can help that'd be great! Proud Canadian here. Anyways can anyone give any advice?
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