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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!

Quit July 4th, 2016

Posted 09 July 2016 by Meddin
This app won't let me change retroactively, but my quit date, for posterity, is 12:00PM July 4th, 2016

Stay strong

Posted 29 June 2016 by Joshua
Hey my love, I am so proud of you ! We are turning our lives around for the best. I know it's not been easy making a new start, but I can already feel a burden leaving us. Keep strong baby your my inspiration xox

Starated again

Posted 24 June 2016 by Musicismylife91
Restarted my goal to no use cannabis except once in a blue moon as a treat but for the most part stop using. It's not too bad if you keep busy I find one of my biggest triggers is stress and boredom, I quit cigarettes over a year ago and am using the nicotine patch and inhaler to help me quit but I'm finding refraining from weed to be quite similar in triggers and keeping busy.

someone to talk to, 16 male

Posted 07 June 2016 by Harry Drummond
Just want to talk to someone going through the same shit as me and you cant message people on here so add my snapchat boys and girls and support eachother hazzonerr


Posted 03 June 2016 by avalon
Getting really anxious and feel like I'm about to break down any second...


Posted 20 May 2016 by Hotonebling
I have recieved a message from Satan. He told me to quit weed I'm must go through the trials. If I can smoke 666 hotones in 42069, I am free of his influence. Why would I want to leave? A trial through fire and ordeal to leave something I love. No. I will forever indulge in weed but one day I will go through the trials to cast my self back into the drone life

D Bonglord

Posted 20 May 2016 by Hotonebling
I have recently across the holy divinity, the entity, the enigma know as the D Bonglord. He has changed my very existence, he has given me a sense of direction. Before he introduced into the life of 8meal degustation of lucifer's lettuce, I was a mere follower, or a drone. In my final years of uni to receive a doctorate in medicine, I am glad I found d Bonglord. I am now devout worshiper of my high priest d bonglord and my lord and saviour Satan. This lettuce has changed me for the better as my night is dark and full of terrors.

Lucifers lettuces firm hold

Posted 20 May 2016 by Hotonebling
The devil has got a firm grip on my soul, my very being. I am a sinner, thus I have been seduced into the devils lettuce with ease. I've indulged, and now I can't escape. In my mind the devil speaks to me and asks me to use his lettuce. With all my heart I can't help my self, I just love injecting marijuana. Today I will sacrifice my goat in a pyre made of cannabis plants, hopefully this satanic sacrifice will help me become a demon. I now understand I must give in to weed, and worship Satan and his vegetables. My humanity is lost. Lucifer's lettuce has taken my soul, and is the gateway to the new life, to a new existence, as a demon. I can finally snort weed everyday now without feeling bad because I have accepted I am bad

Its hard

Posted 17 May 2016 by Danielle
Why is it so hard :-(

Going Clean First Day

Posted 10 May 2016 by Bedgie
I am a 17 year old Male I smoke an average of 2 grams a day I only smoke cones I have about an Estimate of 20 cones a day on a normal day today is the frist day of cutting back/ cold turkey I had 2 Cones this morning because I had nothing else to do so I need to keep myself occupied I need to go clean to Start doing my Learner Hours of Driving I hope tomorrow is a better day and hope I dont have any more temptations to smoke again today.
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