Posted on April


Cannabis and motivation: science and stories

The impact of cannabis on motivation has long been debated - in this blog we look at the science and the personal stories.


weed 101, motivation
Posted on March


Parenting and drugs: ultimatums aren't everything

Parenting teenagers when drug use is an issue can be challenging and emotional. In this blog, we look at one of the most common calls to our cannabis helpline and provide some small insights that may go a long way.


parenting, weed 101
Posted on March


Monthly media wrap up: medicinal cannabis again front of mind

February saw the quiet of previous months fade into a new year of debate about medicinal cannabis, more drug driving crashes and interesting new research.


weed 101, medicinal cannabis
Posted on February


The truth about trying to quit weed: one young man’s experience

Trying to quit weed is not always easy. One of our NCPIC team sat down with one of his closest mates to talk about his mate's decision to quit weed and how he is progressing two weeks in.


weed 101, quit weed
Posted on December


The twelve days 'til Quitmas!

This year, try a novel approach to quitting weed - grab an Advent Calendar and practice a daily abstain and reward routine.


weed 101, quitting, Christmas, new year, resolutions
Posted on December


Can't seem to find your Christmas cheer this year?

Christmas can be a tricky time - for a lot of us, we look forward to the fun, festivities and food, but for others it can mean depression, anxiety and just feeling alone.


weed 101, quitting, christmas, new year, resolutions