Posted on June


Contaminants (pesticides and fungicides) in medicinal cannabis

The use of pesticides on cannabis plants is something NCPIC has warned users about regularly in the past. Over recent years, it has become even more concerning as parents consider giving the drug to their children who are suffering from serious illnesses, without being able to be fully aware of what different chemicals may have been used to support the growth of the plant. Pesticides can be highly toxic and have serious side effects, and pesticide testing regimes in the US differ from state to state


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Posted on December


Media wrap up – October and November

Throughout October and November 2015 the Australian media covered stories on medicinal cannabis, high potency 'skunk', and cannabis use in pregnancy.


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Posted on December


Medicinal cannabis: pharmaceutical vs herbal

What is the difference between pharmaceutically produced medicinal cannabis and whole-plant cannabis?


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Posted on November


Lucy Haslam on medicinal cannabis

We talk to medicinal cannabis advocate Lucy Haslam about her views and perspective on using cannabis for medicinal purposes. 


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Posted on October


Where do we stand on medical cannabis?

Sometimes the word 'prevention' in our name can be confusing -- in this blog, we set the record straight on our position on all things medical cannabis.  


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Posted on July


July media wrap up

A quick round-up of the Australian media's take on cannabis issues and news stories in July 2015.


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Posted on July


June media wrap up

June was another action-packed month when it came to cannabis news. Significant funds were allocated to new research, the USA moved to facilitate further study on cannabinoids, and new reports highlighted the shortcomings in evidence to support the USA’s legalisation of medicinal cannabis for some illnesses.


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Posted on June


May media wrap up

May saw a lot of media coverage about cannabis research. Although there was still plenty of coverage about medicinal cannabis, the media also covered stories on research into the effects of cannabis on lung health and driving skills. And it was great to see that some Australian media outlets found the floated idea that cannabis could increase creativity in school kids as crazy as NCPIC does. 


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Posted on April


March monthly media – medicinal cannabis on our minds

A round-up of media articles about cannabis over the month of March 2015. This month the media covered medicinal cannabis, legalisation, synthetic cannabis and the effects of cannabis on the brain


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Posted on March


Monthly media wrap up: medicinal cannabis again front of mind

February saw the quiet of previous months fade into a new year of debate about medicinal cannabis, more drug driving crashes and interesting new research.


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Posted on February


Cannabis: an historic love-hate story

A brief history of how our relationship with cannabis has changed over the years.


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