Posted on August


Explainer: medical cannabis news in NSW - August 2016

Usually our media wrap up covers a range of different media stories from the month, but as none made a splash quite like the NSW medical cannabis legislative changes, the July media wrap will focus solely on this one issue.


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Posted on June


Contaminants (pesticides and fungicides) in medicinal cannabis

The use of pesticides on cannabis plants is something NCPIC has warned users about regularly in the past. Over recent years, it has become even more concerning as parents consider giving the drug to their children who are suffering from serious illnesses, without being able to be fully aware of what different chemicals may have been used to support the growth of the plant. Pesticides can be highly toxic and have serious side effects, and pesticide testing regimes in the US differ from state to state


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Posted on May


UIC Medical Cannabis symposium

In the world of medical cannabis, it seems Dr David Caldicott is a rock star!

Well at least that’s how it appeared on the second day of this year’s United In Compassion Medical Cannabis Symposium, where “I’m just David” had the notoriously difficult middle-of-the-day timeslot. A timeslot when most people sneak out early for lunch, switch off, or feign interest while they plan their afternoon.

Not in this case.


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Posted on May


April 2016 media wrap-up: a look at the news on cannabis this month

For yet another month, cannabis news dominated headlines in papers around the world. And while the recent legislative victories were cause for celebration for many medical-cannabis advocates, this news was often overshadowed by a growing focus on the commercial and economic opportunities medical legalisation of the drug may present.


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Posted on February


February media wrap up

In February 2016, the Australian media covered stories on the progression of medical cannabis legislation in the federal parliament, as well as several stories on different cannabis research studies.


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Posted on September


August media wrap up – studies and spin

This month the Australian media focussed on general cannabis research, synthetics and 'cannabis vomiting syndrome'.


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