Posted on August


Marijuana drug policy in Portugal 2016

Whenever drug policy is discussed you can guarantee Portugal will get a mention. There has been a lot of confusion about the changes made to Portugal’s drug laws since they were adopted a decade and a half ago. Many people believe drugs are legal in Portugal, regulated by the government, even taxed, and this is said to have had a range of great health benefits for the country, stopping overdoses, lowering the rate of HIV infections and reducing drug use overall. The reality of the policy in action is not simple, so we thought we’d clear up a few of the misconceptions.


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Posted on March


Cannabis in Uruguay

Uruguay has received attention lately as having quite a different approach to cannabis policy than many other countries. Here's a quick overview of their cannabis policy.


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Posted on October


Sweden’s ‘drug free society’

A brief history of drug policy in Sweden and a personal perspective from a resident Swede


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Posted on August


Social media policy: to stalk or not to stalk?

These days, even the smallest of organisations have a social media policy - but does it cover everything? This article looks at the must-know workplace social media etiquette you should share with all your managers and employees.


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