Posted on August


How likely are you to get caught for drug driving?

The New South Wales Government announced late last year it would be cracking down on drug driving with a plan to triple the amount of mobile drug tests (MDTs) conducted by 2017. This has become a hot topic of conversation as police units across the country continue to announce increased presence on the roads with more regular and targeted drug testing strategies.


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Posted on March


Stoned driving: a debate about safety and accuracy

Is it possible to regulate and set standards for ‘safe stoned driving’? 


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Posted on February


February media wrap up

In February 2016, the Australian media covered stories on the progression of medical cannabis legislation in the federal parliament, as well as several stories on different cannabis research studies.


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Posted on February


Media wrap up - January 2016

Cannabis was a popular media story in January, with coverage on drug driving, how cannabis affects women and drug trials.


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Posted on January


Mixing weed with summer holidays: road trip or dead end

The summer holidays are here and it is time to relax, take it easy and freshen up before you launch into the new year. With many of us looking at taking a road trip around Australia or sporting holidays, it's important to remember the short-term effects of cannabis on your physical and mental abilities and how this can affect your safety.


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