Lucifers lettuces firm hold

Posted 20 May 2016 by Hotonebling

The devil has got a firm grip on my soul, my very being. I am a sinner, thus I have been seduced into the devils lettuce with ease. I've indulged, and now I can't escape. In my mind the devil speaks to me and asks me to use his lettuce. With all my heart I can't help my self, I just love injecting marijuana. Today I will sacrifice my goat in a pyre made of cannabis plants, hopefully this satanic sacrifice will help me become a demon. I now understand I must give in to weed, and worship Satan and his vegetables. My humanity is lost. Lucifer's lettuce has taken my soul, and is the gateway to the new life, to a new existence, as a demon. I can finally snort weed everyday now without feeling bad because I have accepted I am bad