Posted 21 April 2016 by Nick

This is my 2nd time trying to quit. The first time went really well, I managed to cut it out completely which was great. However a family tradgedy really threw me back off course and I've been smoking everyday ever since (about a year and a half). Weed was the only comfort I could find. When bad thoughts hit, I'd have a billy. So it's been quiet hard since quitting because now I need to confront those feelings and face facts.

A couple things I've learnt to help:

- eat a good breakfast after you wake up. The dreaded billy sickness will get you if you keep putting off eating. Buy some snacks and fruit and have a munch whenever cravings hit.
- water water water water. Get amongst it.
- find a hobby ( I've taken up golf)
- sleep is the killer for me. Not much you can do really other than exercise and cut out all caffeine(seriously).