Quitting weed is bullshit.

Posted 25 January 2016 by Sky

Firstly, I smoked so much yesterday. It was Sunday. Sunday is game day. I didn't even make an effort to smoke less to be honest.

But whatever, I knew Sunday was gunna be a write off.

Didn't expect Monday to suck so much though. At least not before work finished. I never smoke during work anyway, so should be no problem....but it seems settImg out to quit smoking is making me think about smoking more and making me want to smoke more. That's annoying.

So yeah, having cravings during a time when I would usually not have cravings is a big bit of bullshit.



Posted 25 January 2016

Egh, Sunday is always going to be the worst I reckin.

Is there anything you can do to keep yourself busy when your craving hard? I don't always win, but when I'm busy I don't notice craving as much... K work doesn't count, cause you can be busy but still bored. But I mean busy doing something I like.

Just a thought anyway...