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Posted 13 March 2018 by Ehsan

I am not happy. I have been smoking weed for about 2 years are a half, on a regular basis. I initially started smoking weed because it would make me feel good and forget about some girl that I really liked, but some shit happened so we were never together. I lost many friends along the way because I went to a different college.

The college I go to now; I started smoking weed at the start of the year. Since then, I have always said that weed is bad and it isn t good but yet I continue to smoke it everyday. I want to stop because it has affected the way I think, often forgetting things and having negative thoughts. My highs are pretty much shit because all I do is overthink till I have another thought (this drains out a lot of my energy and it makes me sleepy all the time). Hence why, I have got into an unrewarding routine when I am not smoking. As a college student, my priorities should lie within my studies but I believe my addiction to weed has caused a definite impact on my abilities to work. I cannot think of an efficient strategy that could work for me in order to stop smoking.

I have tried in the past but I only last a few days before I am smoking again. I really need help. It is either that I accept I am a weed smoker and be happier, or it is that I stop using but I know that s what my mind will not want. So I am addicted and I do not want to seek help because I got into this problem alone, and I should fight most of it alone. I am sorry because I wrote a book on hope when I was 14. Now I am 17, soon to turn 18, and I can t even beat a mind addiction I can t even stop because as much as I fucking hate the withdrawal symptoms, I cannot sent that I crave the feeling. Send help man I m fucked.