Why I am quitting

Posted 01 January 2018 by Patrick

All my life I have been against the use of marijuana, I went through my whole high school and college pre-grad clean. Then when I took a hiatus from school I tried marijuana (at the age of 20) and got hooked. Since then I had been using marijuana on the daily, whether it be bud, vaping, edibles, etc. Then I got into my dental hygiene program, and I swore to myself that I would quit. But this never happened and I was still smoking on the daily while going through a very tough and demanding program (BASDH). I told myself that I was smoking to get rid of stress and anxiety from all the weight that the program put on me. But in hindsight I was just masking the stress and using marijuana as an escape from school. I now realize that marijuana has taken over my life and I want to change. I no longer was smoking out of pleasure, it became a compulsory habit that no longer gave me the same highs that it used to. Reflecting on the past year I could ve saved thousands (upwards of $3,000) if I never got into smoking. I am 21 now and although it is very easy to gain access to weed I vow to either completely quit or smoke every once in a awhile (once every month or so). I want what s best of me, my education, my family and my pocket.