To the dude that wrote: weak cunt!

Posted 21 March 2017 by Kelly

By the way part of what uv wrote is how I feel about the weed. Dam it smells amazin n i luv the taste. There's new hybrids all the time n they are fabby! However the point is... its to fekn expensive & illegal. The hard part for me is, I have dealers all round me.. neebers, good pals. I'm surrounded.. I'm struggling with tryn to break the circle but I also don't want to isolate myself. Anxiety & depression is a killer like.. I want to be straight headed & be more aware of my surroundings. I'm just so weak! I'm trying hard.. only had a few puffs yesterday (then gave masel a hard time) & I know I'm doing 80% better than I was.. just need to hang n there. This is to benefit me & my family. So hard n am choking to feel the stone. Fags were the easy bit i think.. weed is always on my mind at the moment...