Re: weak cunt

Posted 16 March 2017 by Shmmipp

I feel like I should be paired with this guy.. I've quit a couple times and only ever made it half a week!!

I just moved away from my roommate who is also a pot head & everytime I come home it would smell like weed... or he would smoke weed beside me while he knows I'm trying to bloody quit.. do you know how hard it is to quit something you like when your house is a damn hotbox.. id be getting second hand stoned....also he would get defensive every time I'd mention the reasons why I felt like I needed to quit and try and convince me that it was all on me and the weed had nothing to do with it.

Honestly I was thinking about it the other day while stoned.. the amount of time, gas and the cost of weed it self.. is such a waste of life. Back in high school there was hand fulls of dealers, but now the only I people I do know who sell I wouldn't even consider buying from them, this how ever means I gotta drive all the way down town(1hr one way) to give away my money to sustain this miserable habit. Weed doesn't even get me stoned like it used to it just makes me feel complacent (chill) and just not give a fuck. But I know some where there is a guy who does give a shit and I should voice my opinion instead of getting stoned reflecting on all the things i should have said in that moment. But when I am stoned I just let things happen and I don't take stance on my opinions I just let people think what they want. It gives me anxiety because when I am high by myself I keep replaying the scenario in my head and thinking about all the things I should have done different, to the point where I am uncomfortable and then I just get more high to try and forget. Weed takes from me, way more then what it actually gives me.

Rant over thanks for reading