Today i chucked a sickie

Posted 13 October 2016 by Connie

I feel pretty shit about my self. I had taken a sickie today bc i was too tired to go. I am such a terrible person, i am so unhappy because i am selfish and am addicted to getting high. I love doing it becuase it makes me forget about my shitty life. Being high is so calming and it just makes me feel free.



Posted 20 October 2016

Don't stress about chucking a sickie, everyone does it sometimes. My boss calls them 'mental health days' and says we all need one every now and then... I call them doona days :) Sometimes yiou just need a day under the covers to wallow and let yourslef feel a bit shitty.... or just sink into bed and feel chilled. As long as you get up the next day and get on with things a sickie here and there is allright.