Day 1

Posted 29 September 2016 by Jamie

Although I have smoked today and will most likely smoke more. I feel as though I am finally making a step towards getting control over my life again.
Thinking of the following days to come makes me feel extremely helpless and as though I have no chance of success, nor do I feel I deserve the chance to succeed.
I do however understand that is because I am finally commiting and contributing to making a positive spiritual change in my life.

I know I can succeed, therefore I shall succeed. Bring on day 2.
Peace and love to all, and for the first time I can remember, peace and love to me.



Posted 20 October 2016

Hey jamie, how did you go? I'm kinf of feeling a bit like you did at the moment - a bit helpless and like theres no way I can get thorugh this. Thought it might help to know if it gets better...