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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!

Days off

Posted 21 October 2016 by Trevor
Having a day off and not spending it getting stoned... What else am I supposed to do? What do I even enjoy?? I wish I was high.

Long days

Posted 15 October 2016 by Daniel
My first day feels like it's taking forever :(


Posted 15 October 2016 by Trevor
Dreams coming back, some pretty weird stuff... Hope I don't get the scary ones...

Enter day 4

Posted 15 October 2016 by Trevor
I don't know why but this seems a lot easier than past times trying to quit. Woke up couple of times last night, dreams starting to come back. Mild headache during the day. Can't sleep tonight. Hope that doesn't last for long, definitely something I know I will struggle with.

Today i chucked a sickie

Posted 13 October 2016 by Connie
I feel pretty shit about my self. I had taken a sickie today bc i was too tired to go. I am such a terrible person, i am so unhappy because i am selfish and am addicted to getting high. I love doing it becuase it makes me forget about my shitty life. Being high is so calming and it just makes me feel free.

Bongs Away!

Posted 12 October 2016 by Kelly edwin
I love weed , I love being stoned. It relieves some mental and physical difficulties. But, everything in moderation. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Overuse is straining financially and leaves me unable to self-soothe in the face of adversity as I rely on weed to deal with my anxiety and stress for me. Being dependant on weed makes me feel like a dependant person in general. It also numbs my emotions making it easier to cope with interpersonal disharmony at home.

Tough Lesson

Posted 17 December 2016 by Jessica
Remember as you're ploughing through this tumultuous period; love is why we are here, be kind to yourself.

Day 1

Posted 29 September 2016 by Jamie
Although I have smoked today and will most likely smoke more. I feel as though I am finally making a step towards getting control over my life again. Thinking of the following days to come makes me feel extremely helpless and as though I have no chance of success, nor do I feel I deserve the chance to succeed. I do however understand that is because I am finally commiting and contributing to making a positive spiritual change in my life. I know I can succeed, therefore I shall succeed. Bring on day 2. Peace and love to all, and for the first time I can remember, peace and love to me.

At the motel room lucky # 7

Posted 07 December 2016 by Mika
Iv always wanted to be the person that can be myself always say what I want & do what I want , I help people out without asking for anything in return theses 3 days showed me that I need to stay away a from family that smoke & just avoid that situations & people I need positive people in my life

The Start

Posted 13 September 2016 by Prince
Here we go , I am going to do this , no I have to do this , no , it's already done . May the life I live not be over shadowed by the heart I have . I must put my family in that better place and life , this is just the start for my future no , are future , no our Future will all be better Lets Go King.
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