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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!


Posted 14 July 2017 by Tom
Im craving a cone, i just want the pain to go away. Im trying so hard not to use but all i can think about is using to stop the pain, using to prevent the pain. I think the reason i us the most is to prevent the head ache. Not to cure them. I need help but no one can give me a answer.

Anyone else there?

Posted 14 July 2017 by Joseph
Does anyone else actually use this app? Ahah

First day

Posted 12 July 2017 by Joseph
Been smoking at least a gram every day for the past 3.5 years. I last smoked yesterday but only a couple of half bongs to help me sleep. I still slept like shit and I've been constipated and angry all day. Anyone else in the same boat? Might try a sauna tonight to relax/detox lol

Im trying to kill my crutch but am I damaging myself

Posted 11 July 2017 by Stephan
Ive been a huge smoker scince I was 19 im now 25 from day dot I smoked heaps and still do it has been a crutch for a problem ive struggled with half my life agrivated depression my anger has always hurt me and thoes who surrounded me so I smoke and it keeps me calm as I was never able to get what I need from counciling or medication now I relise that pot itself is massively effecting my life I have no motivation everyday I go out on family days and all I can think about is getting home to some cones I caine for my kids bed time so I can smoke and I have very little abillty to enjoy my children as im always so lazy house work majorly falls behind things like letting the lawns go for two months when im not high im constantly stressing and I can never afford to take my kids out we are always stuck at home broke cause of it im 25 and I havnt got off my ass to get my license to take my family from a to b my poor wife struggles with public transport taking my cleft son to his hospital appointments all because I cant deal without my crutch I want to quit so bad but I dont know where to begin I feel like my mental state will blow without it and either way I go my life will fall apart infront of my eyes I just wish there was a switch I could flip and no longer even think about it at the end of the day I dont know how to live without it I dont even know how to socialise properly anymore without it I havnt lived anysort of life for six years I just wish I could go back and never let that 1st bucket touch my lips I want my life back I just dont know where to begin or get help everyone I know even my mom smokes its the social norm for everyone I know

Day 1 Night

Posted 11 July 2017 by Babek
I nailed it.... Sitting here and smoking.... But at least I was able to eat and didn't have pain in stomach or lung..... Minimal success.... Let's see what tomorrow brings


Posted 11 July 2017 by Babek
Now I'm back home from work! Bit ill . Guess it's the weather.... My right ear hurts... It's 19 on clock now and it seems not like I'm gonna smoke a joint today.... But the evening is long... Hope I'll take this.... You'll hear from me


Posted 11 July 2017 by Babek
Today I started using this application. I'll try to write everyday how I'm feeling and if I smoked - why and how much. At the moment I'm feeling OK but not perfekt.... I'm thinking about smoking this evening.... There ist this pain in my lung crying that I have to smoke. Hope not so. Let's see what the Day brings.

Fuck its hard

Posted 10 June 2017 by Neil
Started smoking 2 years ago to cope with a legit shit hand I was delt. 4 cones before I leave my room in the morning followed by at least 3 at a time every hour or so. Quit cold turkey almost 2 weeks ago and all the emotion is coming back. Anxiety when I'm alone in my head. Feel lost in my thoughts. Tight in the chest always. Booked a therapist to deal with the reason I smoked in the first place. But fuck this in-between time is hard. Taking GABA and other supliments to help my brain make serotonin but it's terrifying just waiting inside my head hoping I'll be able to get back to normal.

Day 1.. again.

Posted 08 May 2017 by Welby
Like many of you, I have tried MANY times to quit weed. This is yet another try to completely quit my weed/cannabis use. Up to today, I have been a at least 1 joint a day smoker. For the past 3 months I have gone overboard and become a 4 joint a day smoker. Basically becoming an absentee manager (of my business) and my life. It's time for a change. To be smoking for 5 years has been more than enough for me. It's time to change.

To whomever wrote: "pregnant"

Posted 05 May 2017 by Welby
My wife is also pregnant (does not smoke). I do smoke and will be a father in less than a month. I have to say this is really becoming one of the big WHYs I am trying to quit. It's very life-changing and I hope you also find motivation in quitting for the health of your child. Congratulations btw! Please remember it is only 9 months. A recent study was made for ALL effects of long term smokers. It revealed that smoking weed during pregnancy can be VERY damaging to a fetus' nerve development. Remember... Nerves include brain and spinal cord. I really don't know what to say to "help" you. I know we are on the "quitting" boat but if you feel like you cannot stop only for your child's health, I would recommend professional addiction help. I mean that in the most loving way. Wishing you the best -J
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