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This forum is an open space to share hints, tips, ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences or anything else that will help you or other people stay on track as they try to quit. Pick a conversation topic and start sharing your stories!

try marijuana anonymous!!

Posted 22 November 2017 by susan morgan
Been on here, it's good but M.A. really helped me...been off it 47 days after smkin a lot for many years day in day out couldn't hold down a job nearly lost my partner but now im feeling great...been a lot of ups and downs and really really suffered the first 4wks still hard times but every day I feel better had mad anxiety this last few wks along with crazy vivid scary dreams but all part of the process and hav to just ride it out and know it doesn't last forever it gets easier and easier every day. more positive more energy more time for family and friends and my partner!! keep strong!!! much love sue xxx

Nice bojack quote previous journal <3

Posted 09 November 2017 by DELETED ACCOUNT
I wish I could be your buddy!

It gets easier

Posted 30 October 2017 by SpaceySam
It gets easier. Everyday, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it everyday, that s the hard part. But it gets easier.

Is anybody out there?

Posted 28 October 2017 by Francis
I want a quitting buddy! Does anyone actually use this app?!?! Write me back!

day 27

Posted 22 November 2017 by susan morgan
feelin good this wk but it's up and down, just goin through the process and knowing why I'm feelin the way I am makes it doable...stayin strong been out drinkin and around other smokers without giving in to smkin!! will take time but I'm determined to stay clean....mad crazy vivid dreams hopefully ease off soon but it's all part of my body getting back to normal sue :-) xxx

Are you real?

Posted 28 October 2017 by Francis
Hey there! I thought this app was probably out of use but it would be awesome if you re real. Let me know! If so how are you doing?

day 18

Posted 22 November 2017 by susan morgan
feelin like shit!! Think the process is taking it out of me I am super tired...I hope to read back on this and know that it is all for the good in my future....relasonship doin much better but I am not confident in myself still not working but want to take the time for myself!! sue x

The first week

Posted 22 November 2017 by susan morgan
hey there,I have really had enough of smoking it has taken so many nice days away from me because all I wanted to do is smoke by myself and hide away from the world friends and family and nearly lost my relationship too. I hope to stay strong this time and quit for good. sue x

1 month !

Posted 12 September 2017 by hasan heydari
One month clean and keep going !

Anybody quiting these days

Posted 28 August 2017 by Andrew
Iv been waiting for this app to find me a buddy for a number of days now, am I the only one quitting. Im 29 and been smoking since i was 15. For a while now its been an ounce a week and im over it. If i think about all the time wasted going to get on and sitting around smoking it, who knows where I could be if i commit that time to something fulfilling. I started my own business just so i could support my habit and work when it suited me. Time to take control of my life.
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